Thursday, 17 December 2015

How To Fix A Leaking Basin?

When it comes to plumbing the most common plumbing problem is a leaking sink. You can call a plumber or handyman to fix the problem but you might find that doing it yourself is much cost-effective. If you are not a Do It Yourself kind of person and have never repaired anything on your own, then you should get as much information about what you will need and a step-by-step guide of how to go about doing it. A word of caution before your rush of to do your shopping at the hardware store: not all leaks are the same which means that there is no real one method to fix all kinds of leaking sink problems you might have. Before things become complicated lets look at the basics first

1. Determine where the leak is 
You can tell that our sink has sprung a leak from water soaked floors cabinets or puddles on the floor. A sink can leak either from the pipe, damage to the actual sink or it could be caused by old and worn out joints and rubber seals. You can only know what you need to do if you know where the leak is coming from. This means you might have to go down and under your sink to investigate. If the problem has to do with rubber seals you can test by filling the sink up with water and letting it stand. If the water level goes down then you have problems with your seals.

2. Switch the water and electricity supply off 
In order to repair that area where water is leaking through, you need to switch off the water supply. Stopping the water helps you to work without water getting in the way or spilling on you as you work. Find the water supply resource for your specific area or switch off the entire water main. Electricity on the other hand should be switched off for obvious reasons, to avoid electrocution.

3. Uncouple and unscrew all the parts of your sink 
Make sure that you can get access to parts in order to examine them for any signs of wear and tear so you can address the problems that you see with your very own eyes and this will help you in getting the right tools for the job and help you get to the actual root.

4. Repair what’s broken
Dismantling the sink also help in determining the state of disrepair. You may also find something that is broken. Plumbing fixtures have strange names so if you need to go to the hardware shop to get a part for the repair, you will save yourself the time and aggravation by taking the part to the hardware store with you.

5. Replace damaged and worn-out parts.
If you plan to handle your domestic problems on your own, you might need more than just a crash course on how to use a monkey-ranch, or unscrew a coupling. Putting things together in the wrong way can make the problem worse or even create problem, so if you are not sure ask an expert plumber.

6. Clean the sink
Sometimes big problems require small solutions. Not every leaky kitchen sink requires an overhaul; sometimes it’s a matter of unclogging dirt from the pipes or cleaning your sink. A leaky sink could be caused by the fact that the flow of fluids in your pipes has been affected by dirt and grease that may have been accumulating in parts. To clean a clogged skin you might require more than just a once over with normal cleaning solutions. Some blockages need industrial solutions. It is always helpful to have Sodium Hydroxide handy. It is known in plumbing circles as the granddaddy of all sink-cleaning requirements.

7. Put parts where they belong
Assuming that you took note of where certain parts came from and how they were connected to each other, you should find it easy to replace parts where you unscrewed them from if you create an improvised map with markings will help navigate your way as you put things back to their original place.

If you have done these seven things then the leak should be fixed or there should at least be some marked improvement. There are a lot of DIY enthusiasts who believe in doing things for themselves, not because they are thrifty but because they genuinely enjoy tinkering. Repairing a leaking sink goes beyond mere tinkering. If done right, you will have saved money and the aggravation of letting some stranger into your home. Tinkering can also have unintended consequences like a genuine interest in plumbing in which case, you should learn as much as you need to. For fathers, family men or the men of the house, there is no shame in telling people you know next to nothing about plumbing in which case you should look for a plumber.

At this point you need to be sure whether your problem necessitates you contracting of a full service professional plumber or a “jack of all trades” kind of handy man. Handy men are generally cheaper and can be found in the yellow pages. Handymen do not specialize in one particular thing. If you decide on getting a handyman make sure that they are known for their plumbing work more than they are known for anything else. It is important to treat your leaking sink problem as quickly as possible because if you let it go on them they can cause complications.

These seven steps are the ultimate basic things you can do. They avoid the complicated nick forgo the nitty-gritty that professional plumbers have to go through. Following these steps and taking time to research what it is you need to deal with sink leakages shows that you love your home enough to want to learn the basic things to keep things running smoothly. If you do chose to go to a professional plumber, you should chose one that offers free inspections and quotes. You will be amazed at how many companies are willing to inspect your problems for free with no strings attached.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Why Choose Us As Your Office Painting Services?

Regardless of whether it is a large corporate house or a small firm, it is important to keep in mind that your office needs to be well decorated, clean and tidy. This is a part of professionalism that will play a major role in creating a positive image in the mind of your clients and potential partners about your business. Additionally, a well organized and nicely decorated office ensures comfortable working environment for the employees as well which helps to enhance their productivity and efficiency. This is why going for the right office painting services is so much important. It is scientifically proven that how a room or an entire premise is painted can psychologically affect the people who live or work inside it. So here, we are going to cover some important tips about office painting services.

- When it comes to choosing the color for painting the interior of an office, white should be on top of your list.
White is a neutral color that matches with simply anything. It also reflects more light and makes an office look spacious. It is believed that white sets an optimistic mood which is quite important at the work place.

- Blue is also a great choice for office panting.
It stimulates better performance and looks good too.
- On the other hand, yellow is not the best option for office painting. Although it also stimulates optimistic mentality and enhances concentration, but the color is too loud and may not be all that soothing to look at. Research also shows that people can lose their temper more often in a yellow room.

- As far as painting services for your office is concerned, always look for a renowned service provider who has a great portfolio.
This will ensure better results as the office painting will be handled by a team of professionals who knows what they are doing.

- Before choosing a painting service provider, do some online research regarding their services to make sure that they have what it takes to give you the best service.
Check some real testimonials and go through their pricing. If you have any queries, you should drop an e-mail to the customer care or give a call. Some professional websites also maintain live chat service where you can talk with a representative straight away.

- While talking to a painting company, ask them how long it will take them to complete your project.
These days, professional painters use advanced technology, equipments and more importantly paints that does not have any foul smell which will cause troubles to the employees during the workdays. So talk about these issues too while choosing a painting service provider for your office.

- Always remember, the color that you use for painting your office will depend a lot on the business that you are running.
For instance, if it is a bank or an insurance company, you need to keep it simple and a bit formal. In such cases white or off white can be a nice option. However, if you are running advertising firm, plain white might look too simple. You may have to be more innovative.

It is to be mentioned that choosing the right painting service provider for painting your office is extremely important. One wrong move and you may have to go through it again which will waste your valuable time and money. So make sure to go for the right service provider who can give you the best result for your money. A highly professional painting service provider will not only follow your requirements paint your office, they will also help you to choose the right color that will go just fine with your office environment.

Since most of the painting companies in Singapore have their own business websites, you can check multiple options and compare between their prices before placing your final order. However, keep in mind that to get top quality painting services, you need to pay higher since they are well in demand. Your office represents you and your business not only to your customers but to the employees as well. So go for the best painting service for indoor and outdoor panting of your office. It definitely worth your investment.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

How To Patch A Hole In Your Wall?

Having a large number of holes in your living room wall or in the bedroom is no extraordinary scenario. Whether it is the constant banging of the door knob into the wall behind it, moving an outlet board from one location in the wall to the other, or a picture frame that has left holes in the wall, you need to patch up the hole before the cracks before a messier and more expensive problem. The best part about drywall is that any sized hole can be fixed with a patch and leaves behind no mark of repair. If you are tired of the unattractive holes left behind on your wall, here’s your guide to patch a hole in your wall, no matter what size it is.

Step 1: Cutting Out The Patch
The first step is to find the right size of the patch that will go in the place of the hole in your wall. Find a piece of scrap drywall, which has the thickness similar to the damaged wall, and cut it into a square that is big enough to cover the hole completely. Once you have cut up the drywall patch into a square, place it on the hole in the wall and outline it with a pencil. With a pencil, mark the top of the damaged wall with an X sign and draw an arrow over the patch which points towards this X sign. This will help you to understand how to orient the patch into the wall later on.

Step 2: Preparing The Hole In The Wall
Once you have cut up the patch that will go into the damaged wall, set it aside and work on the hole in the wall. With the help of a drywall saw, start cutting up the damaged drywall in the shape of a square hole. Insert the drywall saw into the hole in the wall and start sawing the wall towards the edges of the wall. With the utility knife, saw along the outline that you had marked with a pencil. Cut off each of the pieces free from the inside once you have snapped the pieces of drywall that are inside the marked outline. Make sure hat you do not cut up the dry wall that falls outside the outline you have marked earlier.

Step 3: Removing The Damaged Drywall
Once you have prepared the wall for the removal of the damaged part, it is time to start finishing the hole in the wall so that it resembles the shape of a square. Once you have cut up the damaged part of the drywall with a utility knife, start snapping away the broken bits of the drywall. Cut the damaged part of the wall into multiple triangles, and starting breaking them away from the sides of the wall one by one. Do not apply strong pressure while snapping off the bits of drywall, as it could damage the part of the drywall that isn’t inside the outline you have marked. Once you have broken off the bits, start sawing each of the triangles of dry wall free from the undamaged part of the wall. 

Step 4: Adding The Strapping Behind The Wall
Once the square has been cut into the wall, you need to add a wood strapping behind the wall so that your patch does not fall through the hole in the wall. Cut up a 1x3 piece of wood strapping and make sure that it is at least six inches longer than the size of the hole in the wall. Take some construction adhesive and squeeze it on the two ends of the wood strapping. Now insert the wood strapping into the wall, with the construction paste facing outwards so that it sticks to the inner side of the wall. Pull the wood strapping inwards so that it firmly sticks to the inside of the drywall and then drill two screws into both the ends of the wood strapping. Use a staggered pattern to drill two screws on each end of the strapping. Make sure that you drill through the drywall just enough to fit firmly to the surface of the wall, and does not tear through the paper.

Step 5: Attaching The Patch
Use the arrow on the patch that you had marked earlier to place the patch correctly into the hole in the wall. Squeeze some construction grade adhesive on the end of the patch, and press it firmly against the wood strapping for a few minutes. Once the patch is perfectly in place, drill two screws into the patch in a staggered pattern into the wood strapping, so that the patch is firmly in its place.

Step 6: Covering The Seams
With the help of a 6 inch taping knife, use some joint compound to trowel the wall over the seams, the patch and the screw heads. Use a large piece of window screen and cut it into a large square which is wider and longer than the patch. Press it against the layer of joint compound with a trowel. This sheet of window screen makes sure that the layer of compound does not start to crack over time. Trowel off the excess of joint compound from over the window screen to make it fit flat into the drywall. Start working from the center of the window screen and work outwards so that there are no wrinkles on the window screen. Make sure that the layer does not appear outwards from the sides or the center of the patch.

Step 7: Applying The Final Coat 
Leave the wall to dry for a day and start working on the final coat only after the fixed wall is completely dry. Use a 12 inch taping knife to put a thin layer of compound over the entire area of the wall that you have worked on. Once this thin layer is dry enough, use some sand paper to make the wall surface smooth. Use silicon carbide sandpaper for best results, but make sure that you don’t rub it too hard so that the window screen is exposed. Once you have sanded the wall, wipe off the dust and the wall e ready to be coated with paint.

Monday, 18 May 2015

7 Reasons To Hire Us As Your Painting Company

Painting as a process of applying paint or pigment on surfaces is beneficial to the appearance of the surfaces and even enhancing the life of the surface. To get all the benefits of painting, the quality of paint and experts who are doing it mean a lot. In Singapore, there are many painting companies but the quality and nature of services they offer vary from one to the other. Because of those variations, it is important to choose the best. Here are seven reasons to hire us as your painting company in Singapore:

The nature of services that we offer

Customers have diverse needs in terms of painting and home improvement. As a company we offer the best in terms of painting and we ensure that we understand your needs before getting down to work. It takes a lot of money to build a house and because of that it will be better to get a company that is not going to disappoint you. With us, your satisfaction is our pride as we make sure that we give it that finish which not only will be comfortable with you but even those around your home or premises. The nature of paint and expertise that is employed by the company is among the best and thus brings out the best for your house or home. In addition, as a company we ensure that we study your house or premises properly before starting the business of painting. Proper study of the house gives best results as different walls or surfaces have different paint requirements.

Working equipment

We have the best working equipment and tools for your painting. Our company is home to modern painting equipment and tools which are able to give that required and desired painting work. Many companies do not have the right tools which at the end of it will compromise the quality of painting. We always guide our clients on the best paint to use depending to the surface requirements and this has left our clients happy. We spend on these tools in order to offer quality painting to our clients. Good equipment and tools will also reduce the level and amount of accidents that workers will face. Hire us for your painting work and you will have the best.

Readily available

We are readily available for your painting work. Some of the painting companies in Singapore are not accessible and available. We are available and easily accessible to you when you need us a reason to hire us for your painting needs. Our offices are easily accessible and in case you have an issue, you can visit us. This is not true with many painting companies whose offices are not easy to trace hence not reliable.

Faster process

Many clients are looking for companies that can offer quick services when it comes to painting and this is what our company offers. All this is made possible because of the experts and technicians that work for us. They are flexible and are able to understand your painting needs quickly. The faster we understand, the faster the painting. If you go to our company site and profile, you will understand the kind of men and women who are working for us. This means that the time that will be spent at your home will be as minimal as possible which is convenient and mostly desirable. You are guaranteed that the project will be completed quickly and perfectly hence one of the reasons as to why you can choose us for your painting needs.

The cost

When thinking of hiring a painting company for your home or premises, many people think of cost. Many misconceive that well established companies are expensive which is not true. We offer the best painting services at reasonable costs which is one of the reasons to hire as your painting companion. You do not have to spend huge sums of money in painting projects as we can always offer the service at a pocket friendly price. For you to carry out the best analysis and comparison, just remember to pick our quotation and then pick from other painting companies. Compare them and you will come to realize that we offer good prices which everybody can afford. Because of this, you have no reason of going anywhere but hiring us to do the painting work for you.


It is a requirement that painting companies operating in Singapore must have proper licensing before they start their operation. Many of the painting companies do not have proper licensing which may be a set back if they are hired to do painting for your house or premises. As a painting company we have proper license through which we operate. On the other hand, proper license is a guarantee that we are offering the best and we will give the best touch in terms of painting to your house. In case you have problems with our company and since it has proper license, you are sure that you will be compensated. Proper license is an indication of quality service a reason to hire our company for your painting needs. The license is a guarantee that we are well trained and placed to paint your house.

Customer service

Our company has an elaborate customer service line through which our clients can register their compliments and at the same time complaints. You can reach the company through our email address; you can make a call or use the social media networks available to communicate with us. Instead of coming all the way to our offices to do an inquiry, just at the touch of a button, you will be able to reach us from the comfort of your home. This is convenient and makes work easier for a client which is an important reason to choose us to paint for you. Once you register an issue with our customer service desk, they are very swift in working on it and providing an answer as soon as it is practically possible. Ask any question related to painting and it will be handled professionally within the shortest time possible. This makes us your painting companion in Singapore and beyond.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Hiring A Painting, Tiling Contractor and The Best Office Colors in 2015

It is a good idea to check on local forums in Singapore and ask for recommendations as far as tiling and painting contractors in Singapore is concerned. There are also various website that provide genuine reviews on Singapore contractor companies that provide tiling and painting services. Another way you can access useful information concerning these contractors is by making a search on a local search engine. After making an inquiry to two or more contractors, you are supposed to welcome these companies to make a quote before choosing on the contractor with the lowest quote but best tiling and painting services.

Factors to consider before hiring painting and Tiling Contractors 
- Cheap Services- the Company chosen to offer painting or tiling services must provide cheap but high quality services. 
- Detailed pricing- You should after contractor companies that have a detailed pricing. 
- Reputation of the contractor- The contractor that you choose to offer painting or tiling services for your office must have a good reputation of offering quality services and adequate experience in this field. 

Choosing the Right Tiling and Panting Colors 
- It is important to determine the best color for your office before painting, tiling or even hiring a contractor. The type of color chosen will depend on its effect on the body, mind and emotions. You should also be careful with the intensity of the color chosen as it will either soothe or stimulate your body and the working environment. Low saturated color are said to cause relation while highly stimulated colors could simulate the body. 
- It has been suggested by home and office improvement experts that the color you choose for your office has a great impact to your behavior and the general productivity of your organization. That is why most people are no longer painting or even tiling their office floor with light gray office spaces. Handyman provides you with 7 options of colors to choose from for your office painting in this year and they include:

Bluish Shades 
- There are suggestions that blue is one of the most productive colors that you could use in painting an office. This is mostly applicable when you want to stimulate people’s mind and increase productivity. The color gives inspirations for those who want o finish their jobs in time. That why it is a better option for those who are in a corporate job that needs so much motivation so as to have its tasks performed. 
- Those who engage their minds throughout the day in term of work are also encouraged to paint their offices blue. There are those who would suggest that you should spice up the blue color a bit by adding orange it. This idea has produced amazing results as it not only balances the color but also emotions of a person. 
- It stimulates the mind
- It is a productive color

Yellowish Shades- This is a color that stimulates the spirit and ego of a person thus making that person optimistic. It takes a lot of knowledge in order for one to become creative and the yellow color is the solution as it gives a person the much needed strength and energy for creativity.
- The Yellow color also has a positive effect on the moods of an individual. As a result, one develops a sense of confidence out of the bright moods. This color is the choice for office color especially if you are either an artist or a designer.
- It enhances concentration 
- It is an optimistic color

Reddish Shades 
- This color is associated with physical energy as well as attention to detail. It is a more productive color than either blue or yellow because it stimulates the body n individual. This means that the red color choice is the best especially for those who are in a profession that needs them to do a lot of multitasking. This is because it keeps them active, alert and energized 
- The red color is also a good choice for those working in offices that specialize in manual labor. This is because the color boost physical strength hence serving as a stimulus
·- The color is emotionally intense
- It stimulates faster heartbeat

Greenish Shades
- This color is a good choice for those who are in an office environment that needs a strong sense of balance. It is a color that makes a person to remain productive. This color is calming, reassuring and balanced. The color is also great to utilize especially in anything associated with investment. 
- One of the disadvantages of the green color is that it can be inert and stagnant. That is why it is not recommended for those people who are active all day especially those involved in movements. 
- It promotes relaxation 
- The color symbolizes nature

Pinkish Shades 
- There are situations where an office turns into kind of a sanctuary where one can relax and meditate. The pink color is useful in such a case because it would have a positive effect on you by lessening the stresses encountered in the course of work. 
- One of the areas where pink turns very useful is in sports, where sports team paint their locker rooms pink as to make the players relax. Thus, the color is ideal for an office setting 
- The color promotes tranquility

Whitish Shades
- This is a very popular choice of color because it is light, neutral and easily matches with almost everything. The color gives people a positive feeling and it reflects more light. 
- Areas covered by the white color appear to be more spacious 
- This color is preferred for small rooms, hallways and production areas because it is a symbol of cleanliness and sterility, and that is why it is used by most hospitals and medical offices. 
- It matches everything any setting of an office
- The color is neutral and that is why it can fit in any office environment.

Orange Shades
- This color increases an individual’s energy. It is also associated with the improvement of the functioning of the lungs
- The color is preferred for use in offices because it has a positive effect on those people who ge sick very often. 
- This color improves health