Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Hiring A Painting, Tiling Contractor and The Best Office Colors in 2015

It is a good idea to check on local forums in Singapore and ask for recommendations as far as tiling and painting contractors in Singapore is concerned. There are also various website that provide genuine reviews on Singapore contractor companies that provide tiling and painting services. Another way you can access useful information concerning these contractors is by making a search on a local search engine. After making an inquiry to two or more contractors, you are supposed to welcome these companies to make a quote before choosing on the contractor with the lowest quote but best tiling and painting services.

Factors to consider before hiring painting and Tiling Contractors 
- Cheap Services- the Company chosen to offer painting or tiling services must provide cheap but high quality services. 
- Detailed pricing- You should after contractor companies that have a detailed pricing. 
- Reputation of the contractor- The contractor that you choose to offer painting or tiling services for your office must have a good reputation of offering quality services and adequate experience in this field. 

Choosing the Right Tiling and Panting Colors 
- It is important to determine the best color for your office before painting, tiling or even hiring a contractor. The type of color chosen will depend on its effect on the body, mind and emotions. You should also be careful with the intensity of the color chosen as it will either soothe or stimulate your body and the working environment. Low saturated color are said to cause relation while highly stimulated colors could simulate the body. 
- It has been suggested by home and office improvement experts that the color you choose for your office has a great impact to your behavior and the general productivity of your organization. That is why most people are no longer painting or even tiling their office floor with light gray office spaces. Handyman provides you with 7 options of colors to choose from for your office painting in this year and they include:

Bluish Shades 
- There are suggestions that blue is one of the most productive colors that you could use in painting an office. This is mostly applicable when you want to stimulate people’s mind and increase productivity. The color gives inspirations for those who want o finish their jobs in time. That why it is a better option for those who are in a corporate job that needs so much motivation so as to have its tasks performed. 
- Those who engage their minds throughout the day in term of work are also encouraged to paint their offices blue. There are those who would suggest that you should spice up the blue color a bit by adding orange it. This idea has produced amazing results as it not only balances the color but also emotions of a person. 
- It stimulates the mind
- It is a productive color

Yellowish Shades- This is a color that stimulates the spirit and ego of a person thus making that person optimistic. It takes a lot of knowledge in order for one to become creative and the yellow color is the solution as it gives a person the much needed strength and energy for creativity.
- The Yellow color also has a positive effect on the moods of an individual. As a result, one develops a sense of confidence out of the bright moods. This color is the choice for office color especially if you are either an artist or a designer.
- It enhances concentration 
- It is an optimistic color

Reddish Shades 
- This color is associated with physical energy as well as attention to detail. It is a more productive color than either blue or yellow because it stimulates the body n individual. This means that the red color choice is the best especially for those who are in a profession that needs them to do a lot of multitasking. This is because it keeps them active, alert and energized 
- The red color is also a good choice for those working in offices that specialize in manual labor. This is because the color boost physical strength hence serving as a stimulus
·- The color is emotionally intense
- It stimulates faster heartbeat

Greenish Shades
- This color is a good choice for those who are in an office environment that needs a strong sense of balance. It is a color that makes a person to remain productive. This color is calming, reassuring and balanced. The color is also great to utilize especially in anything associated with investment. 
- One of the disadvantages of the green color is that it can be inert and stagnant. That is why it is not recommended for those people who are active all day especially those involved in movements. 
- It promotes relaxation 
- The color symbolizes nature

Pinkish Shades 
- There are situations where an office turns into kind of a sanctuary where one can relax and meditate. The pink color is useful in such a case because it would have a positive effect on you by lessening the stresses encountered in the course of work. 
- One of the areas where pink turns very useful is in sports, where sports team paint their locker rooms pink as to make the players relax. Thus, the color is ideal for an office setting 
- The color promotes tranquility

Whitish Shades
- This is a very popular choice of color because it is light, neutral and easily matches with almost everything. The color gives people a positive feeling and it reflects more light. 
- Areas covered by the white color appear to be more spacious 
- This color is preferred for small rooms, hallways and production areas because it is a symbol of cleanliness and sterility, and that is why it is used by most hospitals and medical offices. 
- It matches everything any setting of an office
- The color is neutral and that is why it can fit in any office environment.

Orange Shades
- This color increases an individual’s energy. It is also associated with the improvement of the functioning of the lungs
- The color is preferred for use in offices because it has a positive effect on those people who ge sick very often. 
- This color improves health 

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