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Handyman Services In Singapore

Hiring a handyman service is something that is likely to be necessary for virtually every homeowner, yet very few give the idea any thought until an emergency arises. Each year, incorrectly performed repairs and do-it-yourself home projects gone awry cost homeowners millions of dollars, money that might have been better spent on hiring a handyman service to deal with the problem or make the improvement. These repair professionals tend to have years of experience, education, and the practical know-how that many people lack, no matter how many trips to the home and garden store a person has accumulated in his lifetime. Choosing to go the professional route saves time, frustration, and even money.

Undoubtedly, money is the foremost reason that keeps people from hiring a handyman service and instead attempting to handle the repair on their own. Most homeowners have the impression that the majority of the cost incurred in hiring a professional repair company is the cost of labor, and simply purchasing the necessary supplies will help keep the bill down significantly. While this is true in some instances, like if a repair person may bill you for the hour of his time it took to fix your 15-minute emergency, in other cases, the cost of the supplies needed to make repairs is much more than the average homeowner anticipates. In addition, while a handyman service will arrive on site with all the necessary tools for the job, do-it-yourself projects require purchasing tools and equipment not always sitting around in the garage or the basement.

Another reason that homeowners are hesitant to hire a professional repairman is the idea of security. In today's society, distrust and skepticism are commonplace, and the old idea of simply calling a repair person seen on TV or in the phone book is no longer a suitable idea. Even in safer, more trusting times, choosing a handyman service without much information required calling all around town and asking for estimates, only to find that the results varied greatly. Fortunately, one of the major advantages of our plugged-in world is that information is readily available on the Internet, providing those who may be interested in hiring a professional with plenty of reviews and background information. It's also a huge tool for research, allowing anyone to get a rough idea of what repairs may be needed to the home, and what sort of estimate is reasonable.

If you have decided to hire a handyman service, you should know that there are a few things that you have to look out for. These things could be the dealmaker or deal breaker. These qualities are basically what separate the effective and professional handyman services from the other not-so-professional ones. Here is a list of things to look.

Most people are often torn in between choosing whether to hire a contractor for their home repairs or remodeling or going with a handyman service. In some cases, people even try to go it all by themselves. If you have ever tried the latter before, then you know that while it might seem like a very good idea at the onset, it soon becomes pretty tasking, takes lots of time and a lot more complicated than you thought or what you read. So, when it comes to home repairs, which is best? Hiring a handyman service or going for a contractor?

While this might seem like a simple question with an easy answer at first, when you observe and see what each is capable of doing, it often becomes an even more difficult choice. Many publications advocate for the services of contractors while other publications advocate for the handy men. Besides, the contractors have more media coverage and more publicity that handy men do. So, most people just naturally think about contacting a contractor first. The truth is that each profession has its benefits and can sometimes be intertwined. For instance, nothing stops a handyman from being a contractor and vice versa. But handy men often have great perks such as:

1. They Can Handle Smaller Projects 
Most contractors may not be able to come down to your home to repair the faucet, unblock the gutter or do some electrical repairs. This is because they are more primed for bigger projects that may involve industries, apartment complexes, industrial units, commercial repairs and so on. Handy men, on the other hand, can easily do these and much more without any stress whatsoever.

2. Handyman Services are Cheaper 
Truth be told, every penny you can save is worth it in this economy. Fortunately, repairs and other household things do not have to cost an arm and a leg. Most handymen services are way cheaper than contractors and will often do a better job than the contractors themselves.

3. Professionalism
Most seasoned handymen are professional at their jobs. They tend to be very punctual for appointments. So, if you decide to hire one, schedule a first visit to your home so he can do a quick inspection. This should not cost you anything. If he is on time or calls when he's delayed, you have a professional on your hands. Also, watch out for his attentiveness. Does he ask questions about things he doesn't understand? Is he open to suggestions? Does he cover all the bases when answering your questions? Be sure to take note these things.

4. Is He Licensed?
While many people think this is not necessary, the truth is that having a licensed handyman is better than not having any at all. Handyman with license service is often a member of a few associations. This way, if the job he does on your property is not satisfactory, and he isn't willing to correct it, you can report him to the licensing board.

5. What Experience Does He Have?
Another thing you want to look out for is his experience. Most seasoned handy men have the necessary experience, so you do not have to worry about this. But, you have to find out by taking note of how he attends to the details, how he looks at the things that need repairs, how he goes about his job and so on. All these plus his confidence on the job will often inform you of his experience.

6. What's His Specialty?
Handy men are often referred to as the jack of all trades. However, no matter how dynamic, they have their areas of specialty. So, it lies on you to find out what the handyman service's area of specialty is. This is because one handyman service might be more experienced at installing crown molding and remodeling homes while another may be better with installing the plumbing system and gutter.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Handyman Tools: Everything You Need To Know Before Hiring A Company

A handyman service is exactly the service which the name depicts. They are the guys who come handy for doing those unusual chores of the house which you have never done before or are unwilling to get your hands dirty. Proper plumbing, addition of sinks and taps, carving out wooden designs and things, that is carpentry, hanging paintings on walls etc. The question arises: Why would you need a reliable handyman service? Well, there's a lot of reasons to that. Now, to choose the perfect handyman service company in Singapore the first thing you need to do is to consider all the companies available here in Singapore, since there are a good number of them to choose from. Make an overall comparison of all and choose the one which suits your needs but is definitely reliable.
Okay. So how do you choose the right Handyman service without losing your sleep over it? Well, there are many factors you might have to consider.

1. The foremost factor to consider for choosing a handyman service is to know the years of experience of the company. It is better to go for those companies that have at least 5 years of experience. That would mean that they have been serving the clients effectively, and have been reliable in this industry. You can contact the company to extract information about its experience.

2. The company must be licensed. To know about its license, you can contact local home builder associations, or you can contact the company executives yourself. Even though it might seem a little over cautious, but it is always better to check the license of people working for you.

3. You can choose the company according to your convenient payment option. Though most companies these days offer a list of payment methods to choose from, some might stick to particular ones. Choose the one according to your needs, like cash, debit or credit cards etc.

4. The best way to know about a company is through the reviews of the customers. You could go through magazines and newspaper for more customer reviews or hit the Internet which always has an abundance of reviews of just about anything.

5. It is better if you ask the company for a free quote, which includes some basic details like, fee, labor cost, etc. You can easily compare the quotes of two or more companies and choose the better one, the less expensive one.

6. You can also go for some insurance plans so as to keep your assets safe and protected. This might be considered overdoing by some, but if you want a little security you should definitely opt for this as well.

Handyman Tools Checklist

There is a wide range of tools required for every handyman to function as a painter, plumber, carpenter or electrician. A handyman from a reputed handan service company arrives usually with a van or truck stocked with requisite tools. Here is a checklist of some basic tools:
Hammer, cordless drill and other drill bits, a dependable level, knives, scissors, paint brushes, wire cutters, gallon bucket, screwdrivers of different heads, duct tape, wood and other types of glue, bandsaw, sandpaper, protective air mask, protective eye glasses, gloves to protect their hands, table saw, miter saw, jigsaw, nail gun, reciprocating saw, coping saw or a handsaw if other saws do not work, pencil, chalk, right angle instruments, tool belts, chisels, nails, air compressor or other tools associated with air compressor, brad and trim nailer, clamps and ladder.

For painting, there are some tools required by a handyman. That includes paint brushes of different types, paint rollers, paint removers, thiners, masking and cleaning tools, ladders, pouring spouts, poles etc.

For a handyman who is fixing some problem in the plumbing system or the sink, propane torches and tanks, plumbing solder, pipe cleaner, flux and brush which is used before soldering, pipe cutter, plumber's tape, plumber's putty, hacksaw for cutting PVC and some abrasive clothing material to remove burrs from edges of pipes.

You don't need to always choose the most expensive company to get your work done probably. All you need to do is to choose experienced people. One such company that comes to mind is Handyman Singapore, which has been serving for quite some time now.
It is a reliable company with lots of reviews all over the Internet. Their proficiency includes painting, plumbing, electrician and carpentry. The company maintains its reputation as being one of the best handyman service who has all tools, equipments, machines, supplies etc. If you want to opt for the services this company offers, you can contact them for knowing about all of their available rates.

1. Services:
Painting: Handyman Singapore offers painting services in Singapore. Handyman Singapore also has a team of some professional interior designers who help you with the designing of your home, the right paint colors, and styles. You can contact those professional interior designers before opting for their painting services. A handyman company offering painting service must recommend the proper and durable painting products to the clients which it sure does.
Plumbing: If you are going through problems like blocked drains or leaked plumbing systems or if you need to install new sinks and taps, you need to contact a handyman service offering plumbing services. These problems must be fixed as soon as possible. Carpentry, painting, electrician and handyman are other services available.

2. Time Management:
People find it reliable to invest where their needs are fulfilled instantly instead of waiting for long. For example, the Handyman Singapore is a team of some skilled technicians and electricians from Singapore who complete their projects within stipulated time, and process their work quickly, so that you do not have to wait unnecessarily long to see the overall improved look of your house. They are known for their quick services.

3. Affordability and Pricing:
The service offered by the company must suit your affordability range. You can contact the company for the quotation so as the know the exact cost details of the various jobs they offer. If you look at the service and the prices of the company, you will find it reasonable. If you are looking for a home improvement service at a low budget, Handyman Singapore looks like a good choice.

4. Experience:
Experience is an upmost necessity here. You don't want your plumbing to leak and destroy half your house or create weird sounds from the horror movies at nights. The company must have an experience of a respectable time and must be properly licensed to provide services to the clients all over Singapore, which the above stated company is and makes sure all its workers are properly licensed and updated.

5. Behavioral Tendencies:
If there are workers inside your house where you are supposedly living, you ought to feel that they are friendly instead of making you uncomfortable. Only workers who are trained to maintain that comfortimg behavior to their employers are proper to work again your home. The customer service must be friendly. They must maintain good relations with their customers, and answer the questions posed by people looking for handyman services over phone calls, emails etc. A good customer service is the key to more experience and popularity.

If you look around at the homes of Singapore, you'll find that they are designed with so many features like hardwood floors. To keep these features and functions maintained and to get rid of the stress that the home should look like a home at the same time with all the facilities you hope for, you need a handyman service. That will ease you with the paint job and maintainence of the extensive features. It is difficult to perform the carpentry or painting on your own because you might lack the necessary tools, whereas the handyman service has the complete set of tools required for all the painting, carpentry and maintenance work. The home maintenance procedure requires the use of all those little, critical equipments that a handyman agent brings stocked in a van.

So the next time you face a problem with your plumbing system or with the lights or if you want to get your house painted or just simply want an improvement in its look through carpentry, go on and contact a handyman service company, which suits to your needs the best. Good luck.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

How To Install Your Own Basin?

Homeowners in Singapore who have never shopped for a bathroom wash basin before will be surprised at the remarkable diversity and number of options that are available. Whether a wash basin is being installed in a newly constructed house or an existing, old one is being replaced, the complexity and cost of the installation depends on the style of the basin.

It may not seem so, but installing a basin can turn out to be quite a challenging task, one that it is best left to an expert and professional handyman who has who has experience of providing plumbing service in Singapore. Yet, homeowners who still want to take the DIY route, here is a rough guide.

NOTE: One of the reasons homeowners are not advised to install a wash basin in their house on their own is that they may not follow safety regulations and protect themselves against hazards. There are numerous local regulations in Singapore that govern plumbing work involving pipes, and homeowners who are unsure about them should consult with a professional handyman.

Installing A Basin (Or Replacing An Old One)

Step #1: The water supply valves beneath the existing basin should be turned off so that the water supply is not going to the basin. If the valves cannot be found or are not present, the main water supply will have to be turned off.

Step #2: If an existing basin is being replaced, it will have to be removed. The drain and supply lines will have to be disconnected from the faucet using a crescent wrench or locking pliers. It is normal if a little bit of water leaks out. The drain and basin are connected to each other by a metal or plastic nut, which will have to be disconnected using locking pliers. The perimeter of wash basins are usually connected with caulking, so the basin will have to be pulled out.

Step #3: Wash basins tend to come with a template, which makes it possible to mark the location of things like the faucet holes. This way it can be ensured that the basin fits the desired space. If it does not, this can be quite problematic and the assistance of a handyman is likely required.

Step #4: If the basin fits, it will have to be caulked after being put into place. The places where basins usually need to be caulked depend on their design and the opening where the plumblines lines connect to it. For instance, if a basin is being installed in a granite or stone counter, a diamond carbide tip will have to be used to pre-drill holes.

Step #5: A basin usually comes with connective clips that can be used to anchor and secure the unit into place. Although most of these clips function like a lever, their design depends on the design and type of basin.

Step #6: New faucets can usually be screwed onto a basin’s faucet assembly in the clockwise direction, and they are secured either with a rubber gasket or a silicone sealant. The faucets can be anchored by using lock nuts from beneath them. The design of the counter and fixtures determines whether the basin or the faucets should be installed first. Regardless, before anything it installed, the template should be used to measure everything.

Step #7: The tailpiece will have to be dropped through the sink and then be screwed from beneath. Usually, there is a rubber gasket that seals the basin and tailpiece together, but plumbers’ putty or silicone can be used for that purpose if a gasket is not present.

Step #8: The fixtures and water lines should be compatible with each other. If the lines that come with the basin do not match the valves, the correct ones will have to be purchased. Two pipe threads can also be spliced together using Teflon tape.

Step #9: Water supply lines can only be connected to the faucets if they are screwed onto the corresponding joints. All faucets come with instructions, which specify the size of the connectors. Essentially, each water supply line should have an end for the faucet and one for the valve. To ensure that the joints are not strained and stressed, the lines should be adequately long. Generally, there are always rubber gaskets at the “female” connection piece on each pipe’s both ends.

Step #10: The device that makes it possible to close and open the basin drain is known as the pop-up, which will have to be dropped into it from top. The pop-up also comes with instructions and should be installed accordingly. Whether or not washers will be required depends on the pop-up being used.

Step #11: If the installation has gone well, the basin should almost be installed. There will still likely be gaps in areas around the top of the basin where it meets the wall and those will have to be filled up using caulk. It takes approximately 24 hours for caulk to try, so the water should not be turned on until then. Even after the caulk has dried, it should be made sure that there are no leaks.

Step #12: Of course, the water will have to be turned on in order to check for leaks. There is always the possibility that the rubber connections may have small leaks, so they should be tightened further. There may also be a leak in the drain itself, which occurs if the connector gaskets have been over tightened and the seal created is being strained. If this is the case, the gaskets will be to be loosened a bit. A new washer can also be used instead. The gasket beneath the tailpiece will also have to be checked and the nut down there should also be tightened or a new washer or more silicone can also be used.


It should be apparent that the installation of a wash basin is no easy task. Plumbing projects rarely are. It is a complicated process and mistakes can be made, so it is much better to make the right choice from the get go by hiring a professional handyman who provides plumbing service in Singapore.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

11 Reasons Why Handyman Are Always On Demand

Most homeowners prefer to take on home maintenance tasks just to make their homes as comfortable as possible. This might turn out to be exhaustive, stressing and daunting. Not all homeowners possess the skills and tools it takes to handle these jobs. This is where the need for hiring a handyman comes in.

Are you wondering who is a handyman? Well, a handyman is often defined as a ”jack of all trades”, this is because they deal with a wide variety of jobs ranging from painting, repairs, electrician,plumbing among other home improvement jobs. Some go through professional training while others train themselves. It is, therefore, important to find out more about the handyman before you hire them, make sure that they have the skills needed to complete the work you assign them.

Many homeowners prefer handyman services because they can bring together a number of repairs or installation at their homes and then set a date which they will hire a handyman to accomplish those tasks. A handyman is paid for the hours they work plus the expenses of materials in any service they offer. If you have never considered hiring a handyman then it's time you took that into account.
Here are reasons why you should hire a handyman;

1. Cost Effective
It is usually very difficult to get excellent services at low charges. Hiring a handyman can help you achieve this. You can opt for a cheap and reliable handyman. Since they are paid on an hourly basis, you can budget your cash according to the urgent work you want to be taken care of. Paying for what you get is the best thing a homeowner would wish for. The amazing factor is that you get the job done without having to hire multiple technicians.

2. Lesser Rates
While hiring technicians or multiple service suppliers, it is harder to tell whether you are really paying fairly for the service they are providing. With handymen services, since you are charged hourly it goes without saying that there won’t be overcharging. Handymen don’t need to pay additional employees thus they are able to put their rates lower than contractors. This works in favor of the homeowner.

3. Assortment of Fields
Handymen aim at taking on all the maintenance, installation and repair. They ensure that they will accomplish all these tasks in the best way possible. This is so convenient to the homeowner because they won’t go through the daunting task of searching for service providers. It is guaranteed that after hiring a handyman, your house will be looking as good as you desire these because these experts will help you choose the best services from their list of skills.

4. Save time
Hiring several service providers to perform a certain task such as repairing cracks in the house, replacing tiles, fixing window panes, changing bulbs among others takes more time to get the tasks completed. It is, therefore, advantageous to hire one person for the job and a handyman is the right person. A handyman brings skills and know-how which means that your job will be save at their hands. This saves you the trouble and time you would go through while vetting service providers.

5. Skilled Work
In order to complete a particular task, one requires the right tools for each job these tools include rollers, stepladder among others. Some homeowners have the specific basic tools such as pliers, hammers, nails among others but this is not enough. When you hire a handyman they bring with them all the tools necessary to successfully get the work completed not forgetting their expertise and experience. This ensures that a homeowner gets the service they pay for and also are able to keep their homes in good shape.

6. No need to Work
Once you hire a handyman, you get the privilege to relax as you watch how the work is done. The handymen are used to their work so you won’t have to even lift a finger for anything. Since the handymen have all the necessary tools and skills, all it will take for the job to be completed is some few minutes. The advantage of not doing work is that you have the opportunity to ask questions and include your own point of views.

7. You'll Get Your Desire House
Since the work is carried out by experts it is definite that your house will be looking great once they are through. This is an added advantage to those that are looking for buyers because the buyers will definitely prefer to buy a well-maintained house. It also offers fulfillment and comfort to the house owner.

8. No Errors 
A handyman knows what they are doing and all the equipment they need to complete tasks. This ensures that you don’t have to call them back because they will get it well done the first time. Most handymen assure you that they will offer the best services just as you desire. In case anything goes wrong they own up to their mistakes and correct them.

9. Easily Located
It is not hard to get a handyman for a job you want to be done. With the internet, all it takes you is a few minutes and you will be able to select your desired handyman. The good thing about this is that you can read reviews of clients who have had their services done and make a decision. Apart from the internet, you could also ask for references from friends and relatives who have had experiences before.

10. No Discrimination
Handymen are used to handling numbers of tasks so as long as you choose the best, no work will be left behind.This is a major issue with service providers they get to select the work they want to do according to their specialty, doing this leaves some work unattended to.

11. Knowledgeable 
This means that they can detect a problem even before it happens. All they need to is some regular checking. This enables a homeowner to save the situation beforehand thus saving the money they could have used.
After going through the aforementioned information,it is clear that you don't have to struggle to get your house in good shape.All you need to do is to ask for the assistance of a handyman.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

How To Paint Hairline Cracks?

In most of the cases, hairline cracks in your home are harmless for the structure of your home. But if we ignore the structural security part, then it can have so many other complications in your home including deposition of dirt, dust, insect and other harmful substance. Other than this, it will also create a bad look to your home. I am sure, you would not like to have such look and effect in your home and that is why you should fill the hairline cracks in your walls. But sometimes people fix their hairline cracks yet they get the same kind of problems again and again because they do not know how to paint hairline cracks in the best way. In case, you want to learn how to paint hairline cracks in a smart manner, then following are some suggestions that you can try for same.

Clean the crack: To paint your hairline crack, first of all, you should think about cleaning it before going ahead for the paint. To do the cleaning you can extract all the loose particles and you can try to remove the dirt using the right equipment. Also, if possible, you can use a good quality vacuum cleaner and you can suck all the dirt and dust from it. That will help you have a nice outcome in all the later steps and it will remove the problems as well for you in the future work.

Fill the cracks: There are a number of fillers available in the market and you can choose one of the good one for filling. You need to fill the crack with a good quality filler. When you do the filling of filler in the hairline cracks, then you need to make sure that you do the filling properly and if a crack is deeper, then you try not to do the superficial filling. Also, you should do this filling in the entire crack line without any miss. This one precaution will make sure you do not leave any page un-turned and you get the only good result with it.

Even out the cracks: You can get a good smooth finish in your hairline crack and paint only if you smooth out the fillings. For this smoothness, you can scrap the complete spreading or filling using a good a quality scraper. This scrapper will take away all the remaining residues from the place and it will also give a smooth finish to you. When you do this, then make sure you do it before filling dry. Once filling is dried, then you might not get good output with it and you might crack the make, even more, damage to the hairline cracks. Also, you need to make sure that you do not see any kind of plasters coming out from the hairline cracks. It will help you do the paint in a good way having no complications at all.

Let the filling dry: If you would paint your hairline cracks before drying it, then you would not be getting the good outcome at all. To avoid such issues, it is strongly recommended that you let the filling dry. In a normal situation it may take a day and if needed then let it dry for two days as well. In Singapore, sometimes weather may be very moist and that may take extra time as well. So, whatever time it take to make sure you let it dry and you start the paint work after that.

Check the cracks: Once filling is completely dried, then you need to check the cracks again and you need to make sure there are not cracks in it. Sometimes this may happen once the filling is dried and if you paint on such hairline cracks, then it may increase even more. To avoid such issue, it is strongly recommended that you cross check the same again and do the paint wisely. If you notice any kind of minor cracks in it, then you should apply the above process again and you should keep following it unless you are satisfied with the result. If you get satisfaction, then you don’t have to worry much about it and you can move to the next step.

Paint: After this you can paint your wall using good quality paint and you can do the painting in step by step manner. When you do the paint, then you need to make sure that you follow the right ways of painting and you also need to do it using right tools. These are essential and if you can do it smartly, then this is an assurance that you would be able to have good outcome having no troubles at all. Also, you would not have to worry about more problems or issues because if you do it in right ways, then you would be able to have a good outcome for really long time.

In this process, you also need to follow few precautions as well to have the optimum result. The first and the most important process is that you use the good quality material or product. If you would try to use a cheap quality material, then you might get negative result which is not going to be a good thing. Also, if you are not sure about the right selection of paint or filler, then you may need to take some help from other people. If you feel the need of such help, then don’t mind asking for that help at all. Giving time for wall preparation is very important and you should give enough time for same without having any doubt in your mind.

And if you notice something is not right or you fail to get the optimum result after these steps as well, then taking the help of an expert to fill hairline cracks would be the best option for you. That will certainly help you get a good result and you would be able to get the good look via paint in your home.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Do We Need To Provide Paint For Painting Services?

People of Singapore have a penchant for improving the aesthetic sense of their houses and offices. This is quite evident from the fact that the number of painting service providers is increasing day by day. As so is true, people always look for the companies those provide best services by meeting the required standards. When it comes to paint, it is quite hard to decide which colour best suits a place.

A good paint company gives you the whole picture of how your house or office is going to look after you paint it by showing you all the colour schemes. Specialization is another factor which matters lot when it comes to painting your houses or offices. There are some services which offer the painting service as part of the burgeoning portfolios of their companies. There are some other services which only provide the paint services. It doesn’t matter whether the company has diversified portfolios or not. It always matters whether the company meets your expectations or not. As you are going to colour you house or office, you are going to need to paints of various colours.

This article is about whether you need to provide paint for painting services. Here are a few situations to demonstrate the issue being raised and solved by the article.

Are you very selective about colour? -Even if you are you can ask for paint to the paint service.

There are a lot of people in Singapore who are very selective about the colour that they are going to use on the walls of their house or office. A good paint service always walks few more steps ahead of the way people think about the colours. They will show you all types of colour combinations meant for the walls of different rooms meant for different purposes. Here are some examples

* People generally use blue colour to paint their office as they consider it as one of the most productive colours. It is not that difficult for a paint company to provide you blue colour.

* People generally love to paint their bedroom with green colour it is because the colour symbolises healthy ambience. It gives you peace of mind.

* Girl’s are crazy about pink colour. There is a sense of calmness and warmth about the colour.

* Your kitchen should always adorn the yellow colour. Yellow is the colour of oomph. There is some of sense of positive metabolism about the yellow colour.

* There is a unique bonding between red and the dining room. Red is a source of raging appetite.

* Your living room goes well with lavender. Lavender gives you a relaxing ambience by helping you rest your nerves.

There are many more simple colours along with various colour schemes. Generally these colours are available with the companies.

Can you save a lot of costs by providing paint for the painting services?- This is a big no as the paint services can tell you the most cost effective way of getting high quality paint on the walls of your room. 

Most of the people may think that they can save a lot of costs by providing paint to the company. This can be wrong 9 out of 10 times. The one time you are right, you should check the veracity of the service that you have hired. There is every reason for the paint company to give you cost effective solutions. Paint companies have all the colours with them as they use those continuously. As they use the colours for their client more often, they can get those colours from the companies selling paint in wholesale price. This is the viewpoint of the paint services. As a customer of the paint services, if you are going to buy separate colours for different rooms, you will be on the side of the loss.

You don’t know how much colour will be used on the walls of your home or office. Apart from that colours that are available for purchase are of specific volumes. You may not be able to purchase less than the standard quantity available at one go. After you use the paint on your walls, you are going to throw the leftovers as waste. It is better to agree with the paint services than to give them paint.

If your friend or relative has offered you the leftovers, you can provide that to your paint service

Without knowing whether the paint services provide colour or not, most people purchase the paint beforehand. This can be a pretty dearer option for you. Without proper estimates, you may not be able to know how much colour your walls are going to eat. They also don’t know that they can sell the leftovers to the paint services. Some of the good paint services don’t buy colour from their clients as it is against their business policy. Some of the not-so-well service may purchase the leftovers with very low price.

You can keep your friends offer and give the same to the service providers to apply colour to the walls of your house.

Do you have a unique colour which is not available in Singapore?
- This can be a case when you need to provide the colour to the service provider

This can be a hypothetical case although not unreal. It is quite weird to say that the some colour is not available in the whole country which you wish to paint over your walls. The paint companies specialise in creating colours which don’t exist. They can experiment to produce the colours that you may not be able to imagine. Once they get to know about the colour combinations to produce the colour, they can produce the colour as they want.


Whether you are going to provide paint to the painting services or not is a choice that depends upon the individuals. Most of the times, the colours come under the schemes that the services offer. You can consider the above situations to decide whether you should give colour to the service or not. The fact is that it is always cost effective to rely on the service to give you’re the paint. You should give a second through to purchasing colours.