Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Do We Need To Provide Paint For Painting Services?

People of Singapore have a penchant for improving the aesthetic sense of their houses and offices. This is quite evident from the fact that the number of painting service providers is increasing day by day. As so is true, people always look for the companies those provide best services by meeting the required standards. When it comes to paint, it is quite hard to decide which colour best suits a place.

A good paint company gives you the whole picture of how your house or office is going to look after you paint it by showing you all the colour schemes. Specialization is another factor which matters lot when it comes to painting your houses or offices. There are some services which offer the painting service as part of the burgeoning portfolios of their companies. There are some other services which only provide the paint services. It doesn’t matter whether the company has diversified portfolios or not. It always matters whether the company meets your expectations or not. As you are going to colour you house or office, you are going to need to paints of various colours.

This article is about whether you need to provide paint for painting services. Here are a few situations to demonstrate the issue being raised and solved by the article.

Are you very selective about colour? -Even if you are you can ask for paint to the paint service.

There are a lot of people in Singapore who are very selective about the colour that they are going to use on the walls of their house or office. A good paint service always walks few more steps ahead of the way people think about the colours. They will show you all types of colour combinations meant for the walls of different rooms meant for different purposes. Here are some examples

* People generally use blue colour to paint their office as they consider it as one of the most productive colours. It is not that difficult for a paint company to provide you blue colour.

* People generally love to paint their bedroom with green colour it is because the colour symbolises healthy ambience. It gives you peace of mind.

* Girl’s are crazy about pink colour. There is a sense of calmness and warmth about the colour.

* Your kitchen should always adorn the yellow colour. Yellow is the colour of oomph. There is some of sense of positive metabolism about the yellow colour.

* There is a unique bonding between red and the dining room. Red is a source of raging appetite.

* Your living room goes well with lavender. Lavender gives you a relaxing ambience by helping you rest your nerves.

There are many more simple colours along with various colour schemes. Generally these colours are available with the companies.

Can you save a lot of costs by providing paint for the painting services?- This is a big no as the paint services can tell you the most cost effective way of getting high quality paint on the walls of your room. 

Most of the people may think that they can save a lot of costs by providing paint to the company. This can be wrong 9 out of 10 times. The one time you are right, you should check the veracity of the service that you have hired. There is every reason for the paint company to give you cost effective solutions. Paint companies have all the colours with them as they use those continuously. As they use the colours for their client more often, they can get those colours from the companies selling paint in wholesale price. This is the viewpoint of the paint services. As a customer of the paint services, if you are going to buy separate colours for different rooms, you will be on the side of the loss.

You don’t know how much colour will be used on the walls of your home or office. Apart from that colours that are available for purchase are of specific volumes. You may not be able to purchase less than the standard quantity available at one go. After you use the paint on your walls, you are going to throw the leftovers as waste. It is better to agree with the paint services than to give them paint.

If your friend or relative has offered you the leftovers, you can provide that to your paint service

Without knowing whether the paint services provide colour or not, most people purchase the paint beforehand. This can be a pretty dearer option for you. Without proper estimates, you may not be able to know how much colour your walls are going to eat. They also don’t know that they can sell the leftovers to the paint services. Some of the good paint services don’t buy colour from their clients as it is against their business policy. Some of the not-so-well service may purchase the leftovers with very low price.

You can keep your friends offer and give the same to the service providers to apply colour to the walls of your house.

Do you have a unique colour which is not available in Singapore?
- This can be a case when you need to provide the colour to the service provider

This can be a hypothetical case although not unreal. It is quite weird to say that the some colour is not available in the whole country which you wish to paint over your walls. The paint companies specialise in creating colours which don’t exist. They can experiment to produce the colours that you may not be able to imagine. Once they get to know about the colour combinations to produce the colour, they can produce the colour as they want.


Whether you are going to provide paint to the painting services or not is a choice that depends upon the individuals. Most of the times, the colours come under the schemes that the services offer. You can consider the above situations to decide whether you should give colour to the service or not. The fact is that it is always cost effective to rely on the service to give you’re the paint. You should give a second through to purchasing colours.